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WABCO Bus Diagnostics Package

WABCO Bus Diagnostics Package
WABCO Bus Diagnostics Package
WABCO Bus Diagnostics Package
Twin-Cyl.Compressor 704cc,flangemounted
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Standard PC or Laptop

The Diagnostic Software can run on any standard PC with a Windows operating system (Microsoft Windows 7 or higher).


WABCO Diagnostic Software License

The WABCO Systems Diagnostics is a licensed and copy protected software


Diagnostic Interface

The Diagnostic Interface is needed for the communication between your Windows PC and the vehicle/system.



The final connection to the vehicle is realized via standard OBD connectors or adapted vehicle cable sets.


Training (Optional)

ZF [pro] Academy provides trainings for advanced operations like adjusting system parameters and replacing electronic modules.

The vehicle connection on the diagnostic interface matches the connection for the diagnostic driver and the older version of the diagnostic interface, which allows the connection cables used in the past to continue to be used. Depending on which WABCO system you want to test, you will need the appropriate interconnect cables. All necessary cables and kits are available on our website in the Hardware section.

Adjustments that are done using the diagnostic tools can be critical for the safety of people and vehicle's security. That is why to perform such safety and security related or other advanced and sophisticated operations you will require special PIN or PIN2, which can be obtained only by attending to the related trainings. Please find all the necessary info in ZF [pro] Academy.

Limited Use (Parameters Read Only)
Adjust non-Critical System Parameters and Settings
Replace Electronic Modules. Adjust Safety and Security Parameters