Frequently Ask Questions – WABCO Webshop

Question: Can I use my MyWABCO/ Old Webshop login details for the new Webshop?
Answer: No, you received a new Username via Email and you need to set a new Password to access
Question: Where can I find the WebShop?
Answer: You can find the WebShop at "" using your internet browser.
Question: How to reset my password?
Answer: Go to and login area and follow the instructions "generate password" and enter Username .
Question: How do I find my username?
Answer: In case you forgot the User ID please contact your local WABCO customer support.
Question: How do I see my orders?
Answer: You can see your orders under My account section on the top right.
Question: How do I see the product availability?
Answer: You can see the product availability once you have identified your product and click on the product or "See details" link. You can also see the availability once the product is in the shopping cart.
Question: How can I change the language setting ?
Answer: You can change the language of your account by selecting the country setting on the top right of the page.
Question: Why do I get a warning when ordering >30 kg for a rush order ?
Answer: The maximum weight for the entire shopping cart for rush order is 30 kg. If you are above that amount, please reduce quantity or split your order in standard or create a another order.